Sponsor a Bird of Prey

Sponsor a bird of prey at DLS Falconry for only £30 per year, that’s less than 9p per day!

When you sponsor a bird of prey at DLS Falconry we don’t just give you a pretty certificate and a photograph! We give you a real connection with the bird of your choice by offering you the chance to visit and handle your new friend in person (not all birds available for sponsorship can be handled).

To sponsor a bird please message us via the contact form and include the following details;

  • The sponsor’s name (this will appear on the certificate etc.)
  • Full address you would like your sponsor pack mailed to (collection from the centre is available),
  • Please also state the name of your chosen bird.


Once we have received your details we will ask you to send your payment directly to our business account.

  • Acc no: 83506339
  • Sort code: 20-62-09


Your personalised sponsorship pack will then be mailed out to you or ready to collect within 3-4 days of cleared payment.

Sponsorship pack

Sponsorship includes;

  • Personalised Certificate
  • Fact sheet for your chosen bird
  • 7″ x 5″ photo
  • Fridge magnet
  • A handling experience*
  • Exclusive ‘Sponsors Only’ event **


*Not all birds can be handled, but you will choose an alternative if you sponsor one of the ‘non-handling’ birds.

**Only one event a year will be scheduled and no alternative will be offered if you are unable to attend on the date specified.

For sponsor’s handling sessions the following applies; Birds with names in GREEN can be handled with ease.

Birds with names in AMBER can be handled with greater care by those with confidence or experience.

Birds with names in RED cannot be handled by any member of the public.


Peggy – Common Barn Owl

Styx 003b

Styx – Common Barn Owl

Dusky 7x5

Dusky – Dark-breasted Barn Owl

Ra-Ra 7x5

Ra-Ra – Common Barn Owl

Hercules 001b

Hercules – Little Owl

Morgan 001b

Morgan – African Spotted Eagle Owl

Charlie 001b

Charlie – Asian Brown Wood Owl

Orpheus 7x5

Orpheus – Bengal Eagle Owl

Titan 7x5

Titan – Bengal Eagle Owl

Quinny 7x5

Quinny – Eurasian Eagle Owl

Jessica 001b

Jessica – Eurasian Eagle Owl

Casper 7x5

Casper – Snowy Owl

Sophie 004b

Sophie – Snowy Owl

Olaf 7x5

Olaf – Common Kestrel

Elsa 001b

Elsa – Common Kestrel

Sabre 7x5

Sabre – Lanner Falcon

Apollo 7x5

Apollo – Gyr x Saker Falcon (Hybrid)

Luna 001b

Luna – Lanner Falcon

Bullet 7x5

Bullet – Peri x Lanner Falcon (Hybrid)

Jago 002b

Jago – Red-tailed Hawk

Maverick 7x5

Maverick – Red-tail x Harris (Hybrid)

Taz 7x5

Taz – Harris’ Hawk

Zingo 7x5

Zingo Harris’ Hawk

Samurai 002

Samurai – Harris’ Hawk

Whiskey 001

Whiskey Harris’ Hawk